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Philosophy of Athletics
At Escondido Adventist Academy, we believe in educating the whole person mentally, physically, and spiritually.  Participation in Interscholastic Athletics provides students with these aspects of education.
Student-athletes are given the opportunity to push themselves mentally by thinking and working through situations within the team concept.  Students are expected to maintain an acceptable  academic  standing  and to strive for excellence in the classroom.
Student-athletes learn physically through training, practice, and participation in all team related activities.  Participants are pushed to achieve their personal best, thus helping the team to reach it's full potential.
Spirituality is an emphasis in every game and practice.  Coaches emphasize Christian principles in daily dealings with players.  Players are taught to compete as Christians, putting God first, team second, and self last.  Respect for opponents, teammates, coaches, and officials is the first step in showing a Christ-like character to those that we come in contact with.  Our primary goal is to elevate the reputation of Jesus Christ.
Life principles are taught through participation in athletics at Escondido Adventist Academy.  Each day individuals are faced with challenging situations, and tough decisions.  A student-athlete is continually challenged mentally, physically, and spiritually while participating in athletic events.  We hope to equip our student-athletes to appropriately deal with situations that they are faced with in all areas of life.