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Introduction to Christianity - This course introduces students from other cultures and religions to the basic belief structure of the Christian faith and focuses on Jesus Christ as our creator, savior and redeemer. 
History of Religion I – This course focuses on the basic tools in Bible study, Christian living based on Jesus’ life on earth, and God’s character based on the life of the Patriarchs. The student is introduced to the reality of God’s grace dealing with basic building blocks primarily from Genesis and Matthew. This course has three parts: Bible Basics, Life of Jesus, and the Patriarchs.

History of Religion II – This course deals with the history of God’s people beginning with the Exodus and ending with the history of the Seventh-day Adventist church. This course is divided into three parts: The Children of Israel in the Old Testament, the early Christian Church, and SDA Denominational History.

Religion III – This course is an in-depth study on the theme of salvation from the epistles of Paul and John. The student is confronted with the simple gospel of salvation by grace through faith. This course is divided into four parts: Romans, Letters of Paul, Daniel, Revelation, and Outreach.

Religion IV – This course is a study of Christian values applied to practical living, careers, dating, marriage, and other pertinent issues. Each student is given tools to formulate his or her values system based on sound Biblical principles.
Music Ministry - The course is designed to train young people how to be spiritual leaders by helping them develop their musical abilities and to help foster a deeper relationship with God.