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Algebra I – This course is a study of the processes involved in the solution of problems by algebraic methods. The course begins with a detailed study of the properties of real numbers. This is followed by the applications of such properties in the manipulation of mathematical expressions. Detailed study is given to the following areas: sets, factoring, radical expressions, operations with polynomials, graphing, proportions, and the solution of linear and quadratic equations.

Geometry – This class begins with an overview of geometric terms and properties that are to be utilized for step-by-step proofs. Students practice logical, sequential thinking through direct and indirect proofs using visual techniques. Emphasis is placed upon the pertinence of geometrical shapes and figures in society.

Algebra II – This course begins with a review of topics from Algebra I and further study of quadratic equations and functions, linear and quadratic systems, graphs, and introductions to: functions, exponents and logarithms, elementary analytic geometry and trigonometry. An emphasis is placed on handling various types of word problems algebraically.

Pre-Calculus – This course begins with a review of topics from Algebra II and further study of trigonometry and advanced algebra. Students learn to graph, solve, and predict trigonometric and polynomial equations. An emphasis is placed on advanced trigonometric and quadratic applications through word problems.  Pre-requisite: B- or above in Algebra II

A.P. Calculus – This course is a college level Calculus course. Students will take the Advanced Placement Examination at the end of the class and can get college level credit with successful passage of the exam.  Pre-requisite:  B- or above in Pre-Calculus.