Cards of Encouragement

Mrs. Shitabata's class has a Prayer Board where every morning after worship they address who has a prayer request. Mrs. Shitabata writes down their prayers and the class prays over them. The next morning as a class, they review what is on the board and if it needs to stay on the board for more prayers, or if it can come off the board as an answered prayer! The kids love seeing God at work! Recently Mrs. Shitabata’s class was praying for a classmate's grandma who was going into surgery.  The class made her cards with texts, words of encouragement, as they felt she needed more than just our prayers.  After Grandma Kai was well and recovered, she wanted to come and thank the class and let them know how much it meant to her to receive their cards.  She also brought a basket of cards and pens, and stickers for the students to be able to continue this type of activity for others that might be in a similar situation. She wanted others to feel the love and care she felt from these 2nd and 3rd graders.