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I was born in Michigan and with three grandparents and both parents being teachers, it wasn't surprising that I loved playing school with my dolls and stuffed animals from the time I was a little girl. With this background it made my career track a pretty straight shot. After graduating from Pacific Union College with my degree in education, I began my teaching career in Modesto teaching seventh and eighth grade. After five happy years there, I was ready for a change so I moved to Riverside and began teaching fourth grade. Little did I know that my principal would introduce me to my future husband just a couple years later! 

After I got married, I joined my husband in San Diego. I spent the next few years being a mom and occasionally teaching part-time. During this time I even ran the Homestretch program here at EAA for a couple years back in the 90's. 

When I was ready to go back to teaching full-time, there was an opening for a third grade teacher at San Diego Academy and I enjoyed five years there. Unfortunately, we moved to San Marcos during this time and the hour-plus commute twice a day was not the way I wanted to spend my time away from my family. I was delighted when EAA finally had an opening and I was able to join the faculty to teach third and fourth grade. Two years ago, I slid into first grade and I've been delighted to spend my days ever since with exuberant learners on their adventures learning to read, write, and explore our world!

Personal Mission Statement:

I want to create a classroom environment where each of my students:
  1. Can learn the curriculum they need to know for their grade level and feel challenged to learn something new.
  2. Is not worried about being bullied.
  3. Enjoys coming to school.
  4. Feels valued for who they are by both their teacher and their classmates.
  5. Knows that God loves them no matter what they do or don't do, and where they have the opportunity to learn more about Him and how to better love others and the world He made.


BS Education Pacific Union College
Endorsed in Elementary Education
Continuing Classwork at La Sierra University

7th and 8th Grade at Modesto Adventist Elementary School - 1980-1985
4th Grade at La Sierra Elementary - 1985-1988
3rd and 4th Grade at San Diego Academy - 2001-2006
1st-4th Grades at EAA - 2007 to present

Hobbies / Interests:

I love Pintrest, reading, camping, going on road trips and spending time with my family!

Favorite Bible Text:

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future." Jeremiah 29:11