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Career Education (1 quarter) – This one quarter class is structured to give students some methods and means of setting priorities and assessing personal abilities, skills, and interests. With these tools, the students will not only explore in depth several careers of their choice, but also learn the necessary information in order to make a rewarding final career choice.
Computer Applications – The purpose of this class is to increase the students’ proficiency in using computers. Students will use computers to increase productivity and prepare for a world that relies heavily on computers. This class will introduce students to the operating systems and applications that are commonly used at home, at school, and at work.
Home Arts (1 semester) – This course introduces students to basic cooking techniques and how to manipulate needle and thread in a variety of creative projects. The basics of child care and building healthy personal relationships are also discussed.
SAT Preparation (1 quarter) –This course helps prepare students for college entrance examinations. It is designed to help the student cope with problems of test-taking in general and with problems of the PSAT and SAT test in particular. The course includes: a general description of the structure of the test questions, diagnostic tests which will reveal strengths and weaknesses, test-skill development, principles of verbal and math skills, and drill.
Wood Shop (1 semester) – This course is intended to furnish students with experience in the design and construction of basic woodworking projects. It consists of one semester of drafting and machine operation. Emphasis is placed upon the elements and methods of design and upon the safe use of hand machine tools. Teamwork is stressed in the maintenance of a clean and safe shop environment.